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Bio- Chemical research Chemical precipitation Drug metabolism research Drying non-flammable crystalline chemicals Drying of solid material Drying test strips or filter paper Glassware drying Moisture Content Analysis Moisture elimination Paper/Pulp drying Pre-heating glassware or other containers Proteins and starch digestion Textile product drying Tissue fixation or drying

The Right Oven For Every Application

BINDER manufacturers ovens specific to your application in laboratory research and industrial product and component testing.

  • Quality made in Germany
  • Size ranges from 0.7 cu.ft. to 25 cu.ft.
  • Temperature range up to 300 ° C
  • Simple controller functions from constant temperature for drying ovens to program functions and viewing windows for testing applications
  • Excellent uniformity at high temperatures eliminates “sweet spot” locations within the oven by patented APT.line™ technology
  • User friendly and easy to operate all-digital PID controller technology

  Superior product technology by BINDER Traditional technology
Uniformity specifications you can trust
BINDER uses the 27 point DIN12880
Method using the 9 point ASTM standard
Insulation does not stop at the door
BINDER ’s double mechanical door lock maintains its integrity at higher temperatures
Traditional door locks flex at higher temperatures, adversely effecting uniformity
Patented air jacket
BINDER’s APT.Line™ produces optimal temperature uniformity and fast Dynamics
Traditional air jacket performance will result in uneven temperature distribution and extended heat up times